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Model: IDXRJ99976
This solid diamond cut rope bracelet chain comes in 14k white gold and has a width of 2.0 millimeters. Secured with a lobster clasp...
$172.69 Ex Tax:$172.69
Model: IDXRJ98898
This mariner link bracelet comes in 10k yellow gold and has a width of 2.3 millimeters. Secured with a lobster clasp...
$101.33 Ex Tax:$101.33
Model: IDXRJ00907
Simple linear texture adds modern elegance to this adjustable silver friendship bracelet. Bracelet is 9 1/4 inches long and closes with a draw string clasp...
$85.10 Ex Tax:$85.10
Model: IDXRJ86086
This intriguing diamond cut bracelet, in sterling silver, has a playful tasseled adjustable clasp for added beauty and security...
$94.77 Ex Tax:$94.77
Model: IDXRJ20491
This mesh chain bracelet exudes effortless elegance with its rounded style and polished box clasp crafted in rhodium plated sterling silver, this piece measures 7 1/2 inches...
$200.21 Ex Tax:$200.21
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