While the MP3 player has taken the place of portable CD players for many of us, everybody still has a large collection of CD’s and wants to take advantage of them.  Portable CD players also work great to play CD’s in cars that do not have CD players.  When buying one of these devices it is important to purchase a brand that is known for quality.  This will ensure that the portable CD player that you purchase will last as well as provide you with a quality listening experience in a variety of situations.


Sony is a company that has been around for a long time and is well known for producing quality devices no matter what the device may be.  This is also true when it comes to their portable CD players.  They were the company behind the walkman which was one of the world’s best known portable audio devices and that quality extends to their next generation audio. Sony personal CD players have a variety of great features that allows them to be a leader in personal CD player technology.  If you want quality in any of your electronics, be sure to choose Sony products.


Another company that is well known for producing great electronics is RCA.  They still manufacture a great personal CD player that is a little less than the Sony price point.  You can find RCA products at almost any electronics store as well as retail department stores that sell electronics.  RCA CD players have many great features that allow them to function well in a variety of settings and perform with greater than expected results.  If you are looking for a quality personal CD player consider going with RCA and you will be glad you did.

Personal CD Player Features

When you select a personal CD player for your use, there are some features that you might like.  Most CD players have repeat and random functions that allow you to customize your listening experience; however there are some things to look for.  First you will want to make sure that it has anti shock technology.  CD players are extremely susceptible to skipping when they are jarred or moved, but this technology will allow them to continue playing fine except in the most extreme situations.   If you will be using it in a car, make sure there is a car kit with it so you can transmit the sound to the radio via the tape deck.