Today there are two main types of phone service available, CDMA and GSM.  GSM is the newest technology and allows for greater flexibility than CDMA.  It has since become the most popular type of cellular service and is considered to be the global standard.  If you use GSM service, then you will probably want to know a little about SIM cards.  These small chips are an important component of a GSM phone and without them; you would be unable to use the phone.  For more information about SIM cards, continue reading this article.

What is a SIM Card?

The word SIM is actually an acronym for subscriber identity module.    SIM’s are a chip that is placed in phones that use GSM service and holds all the information relating to the phone service subscriber.  It also holds the phone numbers that have been programmed into the phone as well as the different text messaged that have been sent and received.  In some cased, it may hold the pictures that were taken with the phone.  Because of this, you can usually just remove your SIM and place it in a different phone to activate your account on it.  This is great for emergency use as well as changing phones for different purposes.

International SIM Cards

For people who travel frequently with work or leisure, a cell phone becomes somewhat of a necessity.  While there usually isn’t much problem traveling in your home country, when travelling abroad you will need something different to keep your phone ready working.  This is an international or global SIM card.  These SIM cards are the best way to keep your phone service working and stay connected with friends, family and coworkers as you are travelling abroad.  Before purchasing an International SIM card, make sure that your phone will be compatible with it.

Finding Your SIM Card

If you need to remove your SIM card to change phones or for another reason, it is important to know where it is located.  In most cases this is simple.  They are usually located inside the phone, under the battery and are quite easy to remove.  Some phones like the iPhone are a little tougher.  They are located inside a panel in the top of the phone.  In order to remove them you will need to insert a paper clip in the hole next to the panel.  This will activate the mechanism that releases the SIM card.