If you are looking for an advanced GPS for your automobile, Tom Tom is the way to go.  They are the second largest manufacturer for automobile GPS’s in the country and have some of the most advanced features to help you find the best route.  Tom Tom is the perfect GPS for people who travel a lot or who are always about town.  There are several different models of this GPS available and it is important to choose the one that works best for you.  Read on to find out more about some of the best selling models.

Tom Tom 740 Live

The 740 Live is a little different in physical design from some of the older models.  It is more smooth and rounded at the corners and edges.  While there are still many connectors on the bottom of the device, the new dock makes it much easier to mount and get into position on your dashboard.  The great thing about the 740 Live is that has built in connectivity that allows you to get up to date traffic information and navigate around high traffic and accident areas.  There is also an array of information available for the area you are in such as speed limit, number of lanes and much more.

Tom Tom One

The One is a very slim GPS that could easily be placed in your pocket for transportation and storage.  The display is 3.5” and quite bright.  It is also easy to view from a variety of different angles.  Getting setup to find where you want to go is quite simple with this device.  You can get directions to a number of places such as addresses and specific streets.  You can also go to a specific zip code or area of a city.  This system works great in many ways but would be better if it ran a little faster.

Tom Tom Rider

The rider is Tom Tom’s answer for people who need a GPS for their motorcycle.  The touch screen can easily be used while wearing gloves and the 3.5” display is easy to see as you are riding down the road.  It also has Bluetooth technology integrated that allows it to receive up to date data and many of the premium services that are offered.  The maps cover the US and Canada and there are scenic drives that can be downloaded for the pleasure rider.